Wednesday, August 1, 2007

ALARM ALARM / The noise part tres

So two days ago I was leaving my house to go to work and I saw news vans in my neighborhood. I asked the news van driver what happened. He told me that a womans house around the corner got broken into at 2 AM and she was attacked. It def freaked me out a a bit and I immediately thought about protecting my house by possibly setting up the inactive alarm system. When my roommate got home we discussed what had happened and he completely agreed with my alarm recommendation. This morning I woke up to a sounding alarm. At first I thought that I was being attacked by terrorists and had to get to the bunker but that was just a dream. I opened my eyes, jumped up and ran downstairs freaked out and confused because i didnt know what was going on and have never heard an alarm in this house. I noticed that the flap to the alarm keypad which I have never touched, was open. I realized that my roommate must have wanted to see if it worked or something. Anyway, another morning getting woken up to an annoying noise.

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