Monday, November 14, 2011

Great Roommate Video

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wow. This is a great one

Here is a comment that was left on bad roommates.

I feel for this guy:

My roommate always feels the need to one up everyone's story and apparently he is the greatest at everything that has ever been invented. He also constantly belittles me and calls me a "dumb ass" just because I don't know all of his figures of speech as I am not even from the same country as he is. He also talks non-stop to me no matter what I am in the middle of which makes it nearly impossible to study in my room. He also likes to talk when you are trying to listen to music or relax and watch a movie. Also while in public he enjoys shouting out women's bra sizes to them which is extremely rude. I also made the mistake of throwing in a few shirts with his laundry and so now he wants me to pay for all of his laundry because I used up his money. Which is strange since his mom literally handed him the money for the laundry and yet he still harps at me to pay for his laundry. I know this isn't the worst roommate on the planet but I felt he was bad enough to share.

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Bad Roommate blog is back!!

I noticed that my Bad Roommate blog has been copied recently. I wont give out any names or addresses but because of this I have decided to start the blog back up again.

Send your bad roommate stories and feel free to ask questions and converse.

I no longer have a bad roommate, THANK YOU GOD but I am still well versed in how to deal with them.

Tell me about your roommates from hell! I want to hear.

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How to Lose a Bad Roommate in 10 Days - iHomeConnect

How to Lose a Bad Roommate in 10 Days - iHomeConnect

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bad Roommate Stories

Im looking for some of your worst roommate stories. Please feel free to leave your bad roommates stories in the comment section.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Roommates

Its just not the same. I woke up this morning and had fresh coffee and fresh oatmeal and fresh smelling folded towels at the foot of my bathroom door. I just cant write anything bad about these roommates today. Shit, arent parents supposed to suck and annoy the hell out of you? I guess after all of these years of being without their three sons they are now welcoming one back as if they were their equal.

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Monday, December 14, 2009


Wow. Its been a really long time since ive last written here. I actually don't have a roommate anymore. Well,atleast not "the bad roommate". He now lives in California with his wife. I have talked to them maybe twice in a year and a half. As for me, I kind of just lied. I ended up doing a reality show for ABC and entered into a whirlwind that is just starting to slow down now. The lie was that i have roommates and they are my parents. hahahaha. Its ridiculous. I live in a bedroom with a crib at the end of my bed used for when my brother and his wife were waiting to settle on their new home with a new born baby. Its not like im in the room I grew up in with posters on the wall and old playboys under then bed. This room has a crib and wall paper and an old framed still life that you buy from Marshals. It feels good to be writing again in this space. Maybe for the short time that i am here in this house i can write about my parents asking me the same questions over and over again and how i usually ignore the questions or how my dad tried to punish me for putting a starbucks ice coffee in the trash can with some liquid left in it. Yeah my dad has always been anal. He's great though, i love him, but wow, his brain malfunctioned at some point in life. I have to read my moms emails on her blackberry for her because the font is too small. I'm thinkng about buying her that Gitterbug sp? phone that you see on late night informercials. Its a phone for old people with really large font. I am certainly in a transition phase in life and have become a D list celebrity for the time being. Thanks to the Bachelorette Jillian Harris dumping me on national tv twice. Sorry about my 4th grade writing skills people and my lack of editing but i just have too much on my plate right now for proof reading and correcting etc....I will be in touch soon with some funny parent stories. While I live here i may as well revamp this blog. I also would like to hear some of your bad roommate stories. At least my parents dont pee in the front yard like my old roommate or leave trash bags full of maggots in the kitchen.

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