Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Settlement and Broken Air

Tonight, while sitting with a friend and drinking scotches at a local steak house bar, I received a CC of an email that my roommate sent to his dad concerning the coming settlement of our house. Keep in mind that there are three names on the deed, me, him and his dad. The house settles on August 15th and we are allowed to live here until the 23rd. He has known these dates for close to 4 months since the house first went under contract. Anyway, the Carbon Copy email to his dad was alerting him that settlement was on the 23rd, which is wrong. Its on the 15th and you would think, that somebody who owns a house, who is settling and making money on that house, would know the date of their own settlement. Listen, he is a busy person; getting married soon, in med school, etc etc.....however, have some respect and know your own settlement date. My friend who was drinking with me tonight even knew that the email and date was wrong before I even said anything. I'm the one who is going to have to set up the closing, and order a power of attorney so his dad can sign for him, but how is this all going to happen if he cant even get the dates straight. Anyway, im drunk, but on top of that email I received tonight when I get home and the air conditioner is broken. Its fucking 80 degress in my room right now. Im piseed. I got home from being away for the weekend on Sunday, and when I got home the house was freezing and thermostat was on 60 degrees and Ive told him in the past that if you keep it that low then its going to break. Well, it broke again but he never realizes that he is doing anything wrong. its absolutely crazy.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Things that have gone wrong.

1. Dirty hospital scrubs are back. After having an in depth conversation about this and how much it bothers me, they are back. A huge pile of nasty, dirty hospital scrubs all over the floor. There is blood on them.

2. I went food shopping and I found the food that I bought hidden in his special kosher cabinet.

3. He was gone for almost a month last month and it was the first time that my electric bill was normal and remember that energy prices are really high now so if I think they are normal now, imagine how I high they usually are. I get back last night and the thermostat is set to 60 degrees. Come on dude. I have told you over and over again how thermostats work. idiot.

4. I cleaned the place about two weeks ago, he came back to the house and a few days later the place is slowly becoming a filthy nightmare. crumbs and debris stuck to the bottom of my socks when I walk around the house.

5. Inexplicable feeling of a film of filth on my skin after a few days of the roommate being back.

6. Fridge fills up with weeks worth of leftovers from takeout. Can never find the food I bought. He never throws anything out.

7. How do you soak the outside shower curtain?

8. what is that crap on the bathroom wall?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vegas and Racoon strikes again

Nothing eventful with the roommate in Vegas. Even if anything happened, I wouldnt have remembered so I will give other stories.

I went food shopping after Vegas and spent about 200 dollars on food. I got home at around 11 PM and made a really late dinner. After I ate, I went upstairs, showered to rid myself of gym filth and then went to bed to watch some TV.

As expected, I hear the Racoon's bedroom door open and then footsteps down the stairs to the kitchen. I heard things being unwrapped and banging noises and microwave beeping and doors opening and closing. This went on for about 10 minutes and then footsteps back upstairs to the sound of a closing bedroom door.

I got up to go to the kitchen to see what damage had been incurred. I opened the cabinet where I put the snacks and realized that everything had been opened. I bought a ton of snacks and three packs of these crackers that I like but also three different flavors of them and they had ALL had been opened but in the most annoying way. Everything I bought would surely be moldy or stale within two days. He ripped these snacks open with wild abandon, unlike a normal human who knows food goes bad. It was like he was at a restaurant and couldnt decide on something so he ordered the sampler but ate a tiny piece of everything in the sampler and then moved on like a bear invading a cabin.

What the F dude?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

White Trash Buddha

So early this morning at 7 AM, I will be on a flight to Vegas where I along with 12 other friends will be celebrating my roommates bachelor party. I promise that I'll bring back many postable stories about the trip and my roommate follies. For those of you who actually read this blog, I just want to let you know, that the house is definitely, finally sold and the roommate saga will officially end at the end of August. I should have at least 2 to 3 more entries by then .

One more thing. I was a little too excited to go to vegas earlier and I did something stupid. I decided to trim my chest hair but I guess I am no barber because I couldnt make it look even and as I trimmed it started looking worse and worse so there was only one last thing to do. Shave. I shaved my chest but then realized how stupid it looked with a bare chest and a hairy stomach so there was only one last thing to do, Shave my stomach. You have no idea. I look like white trash Buddha. There is no way my shirt is coming off at the pool. Fuck, im not young anymore. I guess you grow body hair for a reason. To cover the parts that got fat or ugly.

I look like white fucking trash Buddha. Its ok. I guess I'll just have to G.U.E at the pool or bars or Go Ugly Early.