Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Keep in mind that its been about a week since we settled on the house. Yesterday I received a phone call from the new owners and it went down like this.

My cell Phone Rings


"Hi is this blank (sorry I dont reveal my name)"

"yes this is blank"

"Hi blank its Blank the person who bought your house"

"Yes, hi Blank, hows everything going" (I asked this sensing that something was wrong)

"well, (here we go) is your car parked in the parking spot behind the house"

(I knew immediately what was going on)

"No, why, is there a car in the spot?"

"Yes......It's an SUV."

"Oh man, what kind of a car is it? is it a Jeep" She said Jeep as I was saying it.

"Yeah, a Jeep." She said

"UNBELIEVABLE (I started laughing) I'm so sorry, I have no idea why my roommates car would be in the driveway, its not our house anymore. Listen, Blank, my roommate is a bit scatter brained and probably doesn't even know where his car is right now and probably hasnt even thought about it in a week. "


"Yeah, imagine how I feel, i lived with him for a few years. "

"I'm sorry"

"Yeah well listen, I am going to call him immediately and have somebody move it ASAP. I will call you back soon, when are you moving in"

"Tomorrow, so if somebody could get it out of there that would be great. If its not gone by tonight then we are going to tow it."

"Yeah do that, if they dont move it, then maybe he will learn."

I called my roommate and he didnt answer, so then I sent him two text messages, called his dad and left a message and called his brother who answered but didnt have a backup key. I also called his fiance who didnt answer.

Later in the day the new owner called back again to see if I had resolved the issue. I told her that I was still working on it and that I could assure her that somebody will move it by the next day.

After that phone call, my roommate texted me "Oh Shit, my car is still there? Nobody moved it? it was supposed to be moved"

I wrote back "Well, if you dont move it then it will be towed."

He called me back and said, dude, can you delay her from towing it until tomorrow? I'm in NYC and my dad is at the beach and my bro doesnt have a key."

I said, "NO f'ng way, you call her, im done with this place. How the hell do you not know where your car is? its crazy. Call her. "


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Move Out

As expected, "the roommate" put me through misery until the very last possible minute of owning this house. Here is a recap of the last few days, starting with the settlement on Friday.

Friday comes around and I'm in heaven and ecstatic that we are finally settling on the house, getting our money out and I was celebrating the fact that I will never have a bad roommate again in my life. My roommate had been in another city for the past week or so for a med school rotation so he couldn't attend the settlement but his dad could so we had to prepare and fed ex him a power of attorney to give his dad permission to sign for him at Fridays settlement. Long story short; on the day of settlement, the title clerk noticed that the power of attorney was reversed so we couldn't get our money because of the hold up. We transferred title to the new owners which is good but now I had to wait until Monday to get the money. "Roommate would have to get a new power of attorney signed first and guess who would be the one to have to get this all orchestrated? Unreal. One would think that a med student would have read the documents they had sent him before signing and mailing. He signed above where it said his dads name, that should have been the first red flag alerting him to the fact that something on that original power of attorney was wrong. So I called my roommate over and over again the entire weekend while at the beach and he didn't answer or respond to my phone calls until Sunday when he finally didn't call but texted me back. "Hey, I'm sorry about power of attorney, I'll be back at the house on Sunday but I am headed right back to NYC and wont have anytime to get the new power of attorney signed till ateast Thursday."
No fucking way, I was thinking in my head. No way am I waiting that long to get the money from this bad roommate experience. I was to be paid for blogging out my life here for the past two years. I called him a few times after that and he finally answered. I tried not to freak out so I said, " dude, no fucking way, when you get back to the house on Sunday, do your best to find a notary who works on Sunday and get that thing signed, its sitting on the coffee table downstairs. This is really fucking unfair and you need to start thinking about other people in life, get that thing signed, I'll be back from the beach on Sunday. " Then hung up. Then I texted him that since he will be home Sunday, and since we will be moving for good mid week, that he should take out trash and clear out everything in the house that he doesn't need.

I get home from the beach on Sunday to a house still filled with all of his crap, the trash wasn't taken out, his stuff wasn't even packed up and he was gone. I couldn't believe it. The next day I woke up really early to start boxing and packing my stuff when his dad and his three nephews, two boys and a girl, ages ranging from 11 to 13, show up to help his dad pack all of his stuff for his movers on Wed. I was getting alot done on my side until his nephews showed up and asked me every 2 minutes if they could have something or if we were going to keep things. It was cute for the first hour but after that my patience was wearing thin. They kept finding this pepper spray that I keep just in case and were calling it pepper mint spray and wanted to use it in each others mouths like Bianca. sp? Then they were laying on my bed where all of my folded clothes were and talking about how my room is the hangout room. Fuck! Anyway, I left the house to eat lunch and to get away so I could regroup to come back and pack again which I did. So the next day, I wake up early again to finish my packing and to greet my movers who got there at 8 AM. My roommates stuff was still everywhere and we had trash and old furniture everywhere and I didnt know what to do. I called 1800-got junk who came over immediately, thank god, and took all the junk and old furniture before the movers started moving stuff out of the exits. This company I highly recommend. Anyway, my movers were good and finally got me moved out. At this point my stuff is out and I realize how much stuff my roommate still had sitting around for his movers on Wed. Last night late i was cleaning trash that his pre movers, his dad and nephews left and now im completely moved out. I just cant believe he wasnt around for his entire move out and how he didnt even think or care about it and let his dad and nephews move all his shit for him. That is weird and crazy and unfair to me and he should of had this stuff planned before his med school rotation. So yesterday, I get a text from him, "yo, do you mind getting the cable boxes that my dad left at the house and delivering them to my new address, he forgot them"
My answer, "yes I mind"
I got my money and got my life back.


Monday, August 11, 2008





Should I have to pay this difference ? Please let me know people. Thanks

The Good Roommate