Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Keep in mind that its been about a week since we settled on the house. Yesterday I received a phone call from the new owners and it went down like this.

My cell Phone Rings


"Hi is this blank (sorry I dont reveal my name)"

"yes this is blank"

"Hi blank its Blank the person who bought your house"

"Yes, hi Blank, hows everything going" (I asked this sensing that something was wrong)

"well, (here we go) is your car parked in the parking spot behind the house"

(I knew immediately what was going on)

"No, why, is there a car in the spot?"

"Yes......It's an SUV."

"Oh man, what kind of a car is it? is it a Jeep" She said Jeep as I was saying it.

"Yeah, a Jeep." She said

"UNBELIEVABLE (I started laughing) I'm so sorry, I have no idea why my roommates car would be in the driveway, its not our house anymore. Listen, Blank, my roommate is a bit scatter brained and probably doesn't even know where his car is right now and probably hasnt even thought about it in a week. "


"Yeah, imagine how I feel, i lived with him for a few years. "

"I'm sorry"

"Yeah well listen, I am going to call him immediately and have somebody move it ASAP. I will call you back soon, when are you moving in"

"Tomorrow, so if somebody could get it out of there that would be great. If its not gone by tonight then we are going to tow it."

"Yeah do that, if they dont move it, then maybe he will learn."

I called my roommate and he didnt answer, so then I sent him two text messages, called his dad and left a message and called his brother who answered but didnt have a backup key. I also called his fiance who didnt answer.

Later in the day the new owner called back again to see if I had resolved the issue. I told her that I was still working on it and that I could assure her that somebody will move it by the next day.

After that phone call, my roommate texted me "Oh Shit, my car is still there? Nobody moved it? it was supposed to be moved"

I wrote back "Well, if you dont move it then it will be towed."

He called me back and said, dude, can you delay her from towing it until tomorrow? I'm in NYC and my dad is at the beach and my bro doesnt have a key."

I said, "NO f'ng way, you call her, im done with this place. How the hell do you not know where your car is? its crazy. Call her. "



XOXO - Maxine said...

Amazing. I live with a few random/weird characters myself however, none of them have left valuables (like cars) in places they no longer live...that guy must not have his head on right. I'm sure the new owner of your place must have been rather put off to find a car that isn't theirs in their driveway, she handled it as I imagine I would. How's your new place?

The Good Roommate said...

my new place is great. Thanks for asking and my life has begun. I feel like ive been in a 4 to 5 year recession of the soul. Ha. All cool now.

looking for a roommate said...

Great blog!
Will drop in again...

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