Monday, July 21, 2008

Things that have gone wrong.

1. Dirty hospital scrubs are back. After having an in depth conversation about this and how much it bothers me, they are back. A huge pile of nasty, dirty hospital scrubs all over the floor. There is blood on them.

2. I went food shopping and I found the food that I bought hidden in his special kosher cabinet.

3. He was gone for almost a month last month and it was the first time that my electric bill was normal and remember that energy prices are really high now so if I think they are normal now, imagine how I high they usually are. I get back last night and the thermostat is set to 60 degrees. Come on dude. I have told you over and over again how thermostats work. idiot.

4. I cleaned the place about two weeks ago, he came back to the house and a few days later the place is slowly becoming a filthy nightmare. crumbs and debris stuck to the bottom of my socks when I walk around the house.

5. Inexplicable feeling of a film of filth on my skin after a few days of the roommate being back.

6. Fridge fills up with weeks worth of leftovers from takeout. Can never find the food I bought. He never throws anything out.

7. How do you soak the outside shower curtain?

8. what is that crap on the bathroom wall?


Anonymous said...

There are locking thermostat covers you can buy at pretty much any hardware store, though this advice is probably coming too late. I hope your move-out is going well.

Anonymous said...

The 'blood' might not be blood. You might be mistaking it for Iodine. Curious to know if you can verify?

Pundawg said...

Rub a potato on it. If it turns black, it's iodine. If it stays red it's blood.