Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vegas and Racoon strikes again

Nothing eventful with the roommate in Vegas. Even if anything happened, I wouldnt have remembered so I will give other stories.

I went food shopping after Vegas and spent about 200 dollars on food. I got home at around 11 PM and made a really late dinner. After I ate, I went upstairs, showered to rid myself of gym filth and then went to bed to watch some TV.

As expected, I hear the Racoon's bedroom door open and then footsteps down the stairs to the kitchen. I heard things being unwrapped and banging noises and microwave beeping and doors opening and closing. This went on for about 10 minutes and then footsteps back upstairs to the sound of a closing bedroom door.

I got up to go to the kitchen to see what damage had been incurred. I opened the cabinet where I put the snacks and realized that everything had been opened. I bought a ton of snacks and three packs of these crackers that I like but also three different flavors of them and they had ALL had been opened but in the most annoying way. Everything I bought would surely be moldy or stale within two days. He ripped these snacks open with wild abandon, unlike a normal human who knows food goes bad. It was like he was at a restaurant and couldnt decide on something so he ordered the sampler but ate a tiny piece of everything in the sampler and then moved on like a bear invading a cabin.

What the F dude?

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Anonymous said...

i like to think of my bad roommate as a raised by dogs... the same shit happens to me all the time. but he says it is becoming stale so he ate it.