Tuesday, August 14, 2007



Ever since we moved in, I've been telling The Roommate that he cant load all of his clothes into the washer and dryer at once. Not only is it unsanitary but the machines will overload and break. "When they break you pay for them to be fixed" was my line for the past few years. So during that time, of course, he didn't listen and they have broken three different times......AHH.... Project X.

So I've been saying the same thing about cranking the air conditioning down to 60 degrees. Not only is that too cold but when it breaks you are going to pay to fix it.

Last night, after a long long day, I was beat and all I wanted was to fall asleep at a normal time. Before bed, I called the 1800 number on the alarm keypad to see if they could help me fix the beeping problem. They instructed me to find the main box in my basement. Only there could I deactivate the system. The problem: The last owners of this house never gave me the key to get into this box. Great, now I don't have the key or the alarm code and the alarm company wont give it to me. The customer service guy advised that there was one more option. Follow the wires through my house and find the main outlet where the system is plugged into and pull the plug. Then the system would be working on back up battery power for a good 24 hours and would still beep until it ran out of batteries or a service representative could come to the property. I got pissed and hung up. After about a half hour of searching, I finally found the plug and outlet in my roommates closet (figures) and pulled it. I hope it was the annoying plug.

So I closed my eyes pissed, knowing that I had another night of being woken up to beeping at 1 AM and 5AM ahead of me. To make matters worse, I was really hot and dont like being hot when I sleep so I got up and turned the thermostadt lower and went back to bed. I realized minutes later that the air didnt come on. I got up again and turned it even lower and again, the air didn't start. SHIT, its broken! Beeping and no air conditioning, SHIT..... What a night. I hardly slept.

My roommate is coming back today and he is going to have a nice $150 bill waiting for him. I should charge him more just to pay for the shrink that I'll have to see if I keep living here.

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