Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Ok, so my neighbor is a really old, nice woman. I really like her. We share a drive way that leads to two parking spots. Mine and hers. Now if you remember correctly, I explained in one of my first posts that I get to park there and my roommate got the larger bedroom so he has to park on the street. Now, Sylvie often has to leave her house to go to the market, or convenient store or god forbid to get medical attention, she is on an oxygen tank. For the first year of living here if my roommate couldn't find a spot he would park illegally on the street and rack up the parking tickets. Literally one a day. 35 dollars times 365. Figure it out. I guess he finally got sick of receiving these daily treats so he developed an annoying habit of parking in the driveway, blocking both me and my sweet old neighbor in our spots. One time she got really pissed and wrote an angry letter or at least as angry of a letter as an old sweet woman could write and left it on our front door.
" Dear Fellows, Please try not to block my car in for I needed to pick up my medicine at the pharmacy and couldn't. Please be kind enough in the future to not block my car and call me if you really need to."
I felt horrible. He still parks there.


Anonymous said...

that's fucked. your roommate is an asshole who is in need of a serial ass whooping.

rajeshoms3 said...

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