Monday, August 27, 2007


Last Friday night a group of friends and I, including my roommate all decided we were going to see Super Bad at a suburban movie theater. We entered the movie a bit late due to our pre film, hot box car session. We walked slowly up the theater steps during the previews while our eyes adjusted to see that the theater was jam packed. My Roommate led the group and miraculously found probably the best 4 seats all next to each other in the middle of the row. As he walked into the aisle, we heard a thud and a man say, "Yo, what the fuck, watch where you're going." The guy stood up and my eyes had adjusted enough to see that he was large, black and pissed. So my roommate with his really loud voice says, "Sorry my brother." My brother? What the hell? What was the hell was he thinking?
"aight, just watch where you're standing"
"Sorry, bro, I apologize." He said it again, unbelievable, my brother and then after I hit him he says bro? What an idiot. A short stocky Jew calling a large, upset black man, my brother, may be hilarious, but not advisable. As, I walked by I apologized and said, "how do you think I feel, he's my roommate.

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the bad lieutenant said...

Why have you stopped posting. Surely your roommate could not have become normal.