Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Food Shopping. HE NEVER DOES IT. I DO (occasionally). I go to the Whole Foods occasionally to get some healthy, good and expensive groceries. I tell him not to eat it and if he does to replace it. Next thing I know the food is pretty much gone and it never gets replaced.

So one day, I got home and the house was clean and stocked with food. I couldn't believe it. He actually made it look a bit clean and bought food, unreal. I told him that I was appreciative that he finally went food shopping and decided to do a good thing for the house of which he is a part owner. He just said no problem. It was his pleasure.

The next day I get home and he is kissing his girlfriend on the couch. I couldn't believe it. No wonder he went food shopping and cleaned. It was all for the TANG NAY NAY.


What makes him really annoying: Its ok to share some of the food that I go out of my way to buy but when there's only enough milk and cereal for one bowl, you don't finish the fucking shit off, damn it. I'm hungry in the morning. You save it for the person who bought it.

So one day he went out and bought Fig Newmans, they are like a better version of Fig Newtons. I destroyed those fuckers in like 20 minutes. I couldn't eat them all so I threw some in the garbage disposal.

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Anonymous said...

that's so passive aggressive but it's awesome. i would've done the same thing or like maybe leave half or a quarter of a newman left for him. put some toenails in the box too.