Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Not only have our glasses slowly disappeared over time but so has my underwear. I used to have so many pairs and now I'm down to about 6. I find myself in a constant laundry cycle so I don't run out. I mean, I know I should go out and buy some more but I just haven't had time.

I finally noticed how it happens today. My roommate has large piles of stanky clothes in the basement that have been in line for a good washing for quite sometime. Finally, two days ago he decided to start loading some of these piles. Today, on my way out of the house, I went searching for a pair of clean socks in my clean clothes pile sitting on a shelf in the basement but the pile was gone. I checked the washer and noticed my roommate commingled my clean clothes with his dirty clothes. No wonder my underwear goes missing. He commingles. He's a commingler. Maybe this is just a brilliant way of slowly acquiring a wardrobe or maybe he just doesn't think about what he is doing.

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