Sunday, August 19, 2007


I got home from the shore again about two hours ago. I parked my car, took my bags out and then said a little prayer to god. "Please god, please let everything in the house be normal and please tell me that my roommate took out the trash." I entered the house and dropped my bags off in my room. My roommate wasn't home. The trash was not taken out but it wasn't a big deal, there was only one bag to take.

If you remember from a few blog entries ago, I explained how my roommate clogged the sink by grinding a full drinking glass in the garbage disposal. Well, it took him forever to call the plumber and when he finally called he found out that it was more expensive to do a weekend emergency call, so he decided to wait until this coming Monday. Anyway, the sink was filled with gross, few day old sink water with shit floating in it. Tomato sauce, pasta, lettuce, etc...

I walked into the kitchen to get some water from the fridge and felt my feet sink into water. I looked down and just saw a wet kitchen mat. I then turned my attention to the dishwasher and noticed that there was nasty crust all over the outside of it.

Long story short, when my roommate got home, I asked him why there was crust all over the dishwasher and water on the floor. His Reply: Oh, well you know how there was that nasty water filled in the sink? Well, I moved it all to the dishwasher."


You can imagine what happened after that. I closed my door and went to bed. After that, he came in and showed me a diagram of why it wasn't a big deal. It was some weird drawing of pipes and a sink. Now he's an Rtarded plumber.

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