Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ambien trip out

I am very close to sleep right now. I am stretching across the vast crevasse between conscience and unconsciousness. My body is warm and my mind is cloudy, its a very difficult and very slow process typing these words as if molasses has just attacked my keyboard. My brain feels as equivalent to what a computer screen d0es after it has contracted a virus and try to switch to another webpage.

So I thought it would be funny to write while on Ambien when I am crossing the abyss between life and sleep. Have you ever thought to yourself, why people so self absorbed and self stupid and anxious and just lost in some kind of television series. Why is there so much drama in this world? Are we a reality show for the good people on Neptune? That would kill American Idols ratings. I mean think about it. What is everyone so stressed out about and always giving themselves heart attacks for? Money? Greed? (the room just turned sideways, I swear) I don't always take ambien, just when my roommate gives me some. I was down in Costa Rica and everyone down there, although pretty poor, were pretty happy with their lives in the sunshine. Meanwhile, I enjoyed reading the only newspaper printed in English called the Freakin Rican. I made that up but it was a very well written newspaper with great articles. One was about how the United States wanted to open up free trade with Costa Rica and the Costa Ricans weren't having this. It would raise the price of local goods and put Costa Ricans out of business due to the cheap US imports. Its unreal how we Americans, live underneath a large Amex card government designed to lend money to the poorest of nations in order to help them fix the governments and spark trade but our government knows that this doesn't work. The money we lend goes to the richest people in these third world countries or gets stolen, but we don't care. Its our way of looking like we are helping when really all we are doing is getting rich of the high interest payments we charge these third world countries and in return keeping them down.

The moral of this wacky run-on stream of conscience is that we are one big heart attack, panic attack waiting to happen in our country and we all need to lighten up. Take a step back, breath and think about the most important thing in life. Bashing my roommate.

Shit Im tired. I will continue this never.

Slip sliding away...........................


Anonymous said...

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the bad lieutenant said...

This blog was much better when you talked about your roommate. Get back to the retainer stories.

Anonymous said...

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