Friday, July 27, 2007

Sex Tape.

It was Sunday at around 10:30 AM. I'd just returned home early from the Jersey shore because I had to work. The house was a freaking mess and there were sleeping bags on the couch. Then I remembered my roommate mentioning something about house guests a few weeks before. When I got to my bedroom , I noticed that there were other peoples folded clothes at the base of my perfectly made bed. I never make my bed! So I thought to myself, OK, his friend and friends girlfriend must have slept in my bed. No big deal, but it was obvious by the folded clothes that they were still in town and just temporarily out of the house, maybe at breakfast or something. They must mean that they made my bed without washing the sheets! That's fucked up. There is no way in hell that they woke up early enough, after a night of drinking, to do a load of laundry. Even worse, my camcorder, which I haven't touched for ages, was out of its case. Great! Not only did a couple who I don't know sleep in my bed but they made a sex tape and didn't wash my sheets. On top of all that, there was this pink silly puddy type crap stuck all over my carpets. I was freaking out at this point. Everything was starting to really piss me off. This was the straw that broke the roommates back. I heard voices coming up the steps to the front of the house so I started back downstairs to the front door. I overheard a conversation between my roommate and his friend that went like this:
Roommates friend-"You guys really need to take your trash out, that's gross"
Roommate- " Yeah, tell me about it. That's my roommates responsibility"

I couldn't believe my ears. He blamed it on me? He obviously didn't know I was home and would be waiting for him right behind the front door.

From there was just one big freak out session. I basically embarrassed him in front of his friends and girlfriend and made myself look like a maniac.

Later that night, I confronted him about the situation. He said that nobody slept in my bed. So now he lies.

I never found the sex tape.

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