Tuesday, July 31, 2007


6PM: Roommate gets home from work and goes right to his room . I'm sitting on couch relaxing after work.

6:15PM: Roommate comes downstairs and asks if I want to eat or get pizza or something. I say yes but I was leaving for the gym so if he decides to get food, order me something and I will him when I got home and i'll heat up the food.

8:30PM: Call my roommate on the way back from gym to ask if he picked up any pizza. He said he did. I get excited. I ask if he got me anything. He said, there were two slices left in the fridge for you. He said he left me a note on my glass bathroom cabinet explaining that there were two slices for me. I get pissed. Keep in mind that the pizza place we typically get food from is gourmet, so they are very tiny slices. Two pieces equal one half slice regular pizza. So you can see that I was quite upset. I ask why he didn't get anything for me when he knew that I asked. His Excuse: I didn't know where you were. My response: So you didnt get me anything? His Response: I did but didnt know where you were. My response: You didnt know where I was right after you left and after I asked you to get me something for when I got back? Do you have some sort of Flux Capaseter problem or some kind of camera in the house connected to your watch? Well, if you got me something, then why would you eat it, you must be lying. His Response: I didn't think you wanted it anymore because you were gone so long. My response: Yeah, but if you got me something, then there would be alot more left over then two slices unless you ate two large gourmet pies yourself.

Right now its 11:00 PM. I'm freaking starving and just saw a mouse. I'm pissed. I think I am going to have to eat an ice cream sandwich. I really need a girlfriend. Not that a girls job is to make me food and treat me like an incompetent King but that would be nice.

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