Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I would consider myself to be a somewhat easy going person. Over the past few years, out of pure frusteration and exhaustion, I have let go of trying to keep the house in the condition that I would like if I lived alone. This is an important tid-bit for people wondering if maybe I am to blame for some of the issues. Also, college roommates will confirm that he was the same nasty person back then.
When we moved in we had a decision to make. One of us would get the back parking spot and the other would get the big room with the larger closet and weird 1980's remote control TV stand that comes down from the ceiling. It was an easy decision for me. I needed parking so he took the larger room. I now enter through the back of the house 99 percent of the time because of this decision. Its rare that I walk through the front door due to the over grown front patio rain forest. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to be attacked by those large rats from the Princess Bride and I'm no Dread Pirate. I fucking hate rats. Trash day is on Monday and sometimes we end up going three weeks without taking it out to the street. Now, I'll take partial responsibility for the trash problem and I'll admit my excuse is due to pure forgetfulness, however, don't you think that the person who comes through the front door, day in and day out would remind himself or his roommate that it's trash night? I think so. Last summer we developed a major mosquito problem due to the trash and standing water inside the cans. One night I was on my cell phone outside in the jungle breaking up with a girlfriend. When I came inside, I realized that the mosquito's had destroyed my legs. The next day I felt sick and I decided that I was going to call the CDC on his ass. West Nile. Ever hear of it ROOMMATE! We also had a very large furry creature living on our premises. I hope it attacks him.

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