Sunday, March 2, 2008

Why is the water still running?

I was trying to sleep and I hear the shower go on. 15 minutes later I realize why our water bills are so high. I heard my roommate talking on the phone and realized that he still had not even gotten into the shower. I wish I could take a picture of what happened next but he is in the bathroom right now. Anyway, I get up and open my door right when he comes out of the bathroom fully dressed. I said, dude, why are you just letting the water run. I looked into the bathroom and saw his sport coat and and white coat from school hanging on the shower curtain bar. He wasn't even showering. He was steaming his clothes on my water bill. Does that even work? We have an iron.

Please people. Do I have a right to be a little upset. Like a tiny bit upset ? I think he thought I was being ridiculous when I said that he was doing that on my water bill.

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Anonymous said...

hell yeah you do! two years ago i had a roommate who did the exact same thing. drove me crazy... so annoying!