Monday, March 31, 2008

Hold on Hold on.....I'm back....How can I quit while I still live here

I have to write again right now.

This weekend was a dream. The house was semi clean, just the way I like it, I didnt hear my roommates voice through walls on the same phone conversations he always has, I didnt see anything crazy or weird go on in the house. Yes, he was out of town and it was great.

So sunday night I was hanging out with a girl, in my room, and around 10 PM, I heard the sonic boom voice coming in through the front door and knew my dream of a weekend had come to an end. The girl in my room (I never mention names on this site, sorry girl in my room) got a real kick out of what happened next. I went through every detail of what was going to happen next.
She was there and witnessed the banging of the bathroom drawers, the loud voice, the finger nail clipping that goes on forever and last but definitely not least the inevitable filing of the fingers on the metal mesh ikea trash can. She was cracking up that I told her what was going to happen all before it actually happened all without even seeing him.

Anyhow, I get up the next morning and after my dream of a weekend notice that he, again, left every light on in the house and somehow seemed to have jammed the metal stopper into the drain to the point where it wont come out. My sink is now clogged with the stopper. What the F.

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Anonymous said...

Well, it's clear that this little blogger is jealous of his roommate for his lush hair line....I can tell you this...the writer is suffering from a spot, as he would like to call it. We all know what that means. So of course he is going to take public protocol when his pal has puffy luxurious hair which even causes fights amongst his beautiful fiancee, Babette. xoxo