Monday, February 4, 2008


How did he already break the semi nice, brand new vacuum cleaner that I bought about a month ago! What the Fuck? I went to clean the house today and it wouldnt go on. He said, oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I broke the vacuum machine. I ALMOST SERIOUSLY LOST IT. NEVER BEEN SO CLOSE TO GOING MAD. I KNEW I WAS CLOSE BECAUSE NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I BEEN RIGHT BETWEEN CRACKING UP AND KILLING SOMEBODY. THATS SOMETHING MAD PEOPLE DO? I DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO DO BUT IT FELT AS IF MY HEAD WAS GOING TO POP THE FUCK OFF, SO I WENT TO THE KITCHEN AND SMASHED A GLASS IN THE SINK. People who know me can vouch that I do not have an anger problem, but he seems to have pushed me towards the edge of sanity.

"How? You are a nightmare. I swear, I freaking nightmare. How the hell did you break it"

"I accidentally ripped a piece off the back of it. "

So now, we have a broken sewer pipe from our house to the street, a broken vacuum and new carpets. Obviously I am the one who is arranging all of this work to be done; with a grand total of $4500.

This place is as close to hell as one can get. Please somebody rent this house, Please.

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