Friday, February 15, 2008

What the?

Roommate and his fiance wake up this morning at the same time as me. I Walk into the hallway near the bathroom to let them know that we had two showing on the house today. Roommate said great. He goes down to the kitchen and comes back upstairs with a trash bag. "Yo, you have any trash in your room?"

"yeah, one sec." I got my trash and dumped it into the bag.

I could tell he was trying extra hard to show he was doing Something helpful, it was either because he was showing off for his girlfriend or because he felt really bad about everything that happened in the last week. Anyway, he takes his trash and dumps it in the bag and then the bathroom trash. While he was doing this I said goodbye and told them that I would be back at 1 pm to show the house.

I came back from my office, parked out front and introduced myself to the prospective tenants as we entered the house. My roommate and his girl were gone at that point. We went up stairs and I noticed the bag of trash that he was dumping was laying in the middle of the hallway basically with trash hanging out of it. Idiot. He dumped the trash and tried to do a good deed but then left the F'ing trash bag filled with the trash in the middle of the Hallway. He forgot to take the trash out. HAHA what an idiot.

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