Saturday, February 9, 2008


So everyone knows that my roommate broke the new vacuum machine I bought. He assured me that he would go out and buy a new one on his next day off. Well, he called into the hospital on his next day off and the vacuum never came. Last night he said, "Yo, my dad is coming over tonight or tomorrow to bring groceries and maybe a vacuum. Ok?"

"um ok" What did he want me to say to that.

He had a bag packed and said that he was headed back to the hospital.

His dad never showed up last night. This afternoon I went out the front door to go for a run and noticed that there were about 7 bags of groceries just sitting there. His dad must have had trouble getting into the house so he just left the groceries on the stoop. Meanwhile there were squirrels everywhere. I must have gotten there at the right time because it didn't look like they ate any of the food. They were def about to tear shit up. Anyway, where is my roommate and what were they going to do if I wasn't home? It would have been another front yard disaster. Cats, squirrels and possums would have had a freakin field day. GEEZUS.

To makes things worse. I was the one who had to unpack all of the groceries and put everything away making sure that animals didn't rip through the food. There was a vacuum in one of the bags but obviously any vacuum that can fit in a grocery bag isnt nearly a replacement for the one I bought and he broke. He got a dust buster.

Just another thing I didn't want to do or want to think about.

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