Monday, November 26, 2007


MY Roommates girlfriend was in this past weekend. He built a fire on Sunday and made his girl some tea like a good boyfriend should do. I was sitting in the room watching TV getting ready to get up to leave this scene but was being lazy. The fire he built quickly burnt out so he scrambled around the house to find more "stuff" to burn. He came downstairs with the same mesh trash can he uses to file his nails and uses the trash in it as kindling. The problem is that he never learned that you cant burn magazines and glossy like paper. He was chucking calenders, printing paper and magazines into the fireplace. While watching TV I realized that I was having difficulty breathing. I turned around and saw him chucking all this crap in. The entire house started filling up with noxious smoke. That was yesterday.

Presently I am sitting here in the same room watching the Philadelphia Flyers game while eating delivery Chinese. The wind started blowing outside and all of a sudden that horrible smell is back. He didn't close the fucking flew and now there is this smelly dust everywhere. All I wanted to do was watch the flyer's game and eat in peace without having to smell the equivalent of a Cannibal BBQ.

My clothes smell too.

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