Thursday, November 29, 2007


So, I havent rented the house out yet but i'm still trying very hard, especially after two recent roommate situations. The first one I wrote about a month or two ago; Some of you may remember that my roommate left the gas seaping out of the stove all night, Then a few days ago I wrote a entry entitled "Fire Burn" about my roommate and his girlfriend making a fire in the fireplace

I bought a vaccum cleaner yesterday because I didnt feel like spending $110 for the cleaning girls to come over. I noticed something scary while vaccuming the main room where the fireplace is. There was a black thing on the floor near the fireplace. I thought it was a roach or a bug or something but at closer glance it was a chared wood ember, sitting above a burnt indent in the hardwood floors. He must not have noticed that the house almost burnt down while he and his girlfriend watched TV last Sunday. I noticed that he didnt close the fireplace screen door while the fire was burning. Crazy. I need to get a renter in here for peace of mind and to save my investment before he burns it down.

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